Episode 105: Zero Title Ideas

What I’m Wearing:

Emelie by Elin Berglund in Beaverslide Dry Goods two ply sock, bluejay colorway

Thank you to Fondant Fibre and Bishop of Knit for donations to a future and yet to be determined SAL.

In Progress Spinning:

Southdown by Hilltop Cloud

Punis from Fondant Fibre

Finished Knitting:

Vanilla Socks in Opal Van Gogh colorway of bridginess

Foolproof by Louise Zass-Bangham in Knitter’s Nightmare Batty Sock, Almost a Brick Wall and Cara Mia colorways, on US 4′s (KAL is in the Inspiration Knits Ravelry Group)

In Progress Knitting:

Modified Charade by Sandra Park in Manos del Uruguay Alegria, in the Pindo colorway, on US 0′s/00′s

Mini-Sock Yarn Bunny by Susan B Anderson in homespun from Moonshine Fiber on US 3′s

Irish Coffee by Thea Colman with Quince and Col Lark, Marsh colorway, on US 5′s



Episode 104: Shirtless Hippies for Scale


Natural Batt from JoAnna Spring at Knit Spin Farm (I don’t think I said enough nice things about these batts; they are BEAUTIFUL!) plied with Leicester Longwool from Heritage Hill Farm


Afterthought Heel Socks by Laura Linneman in Lollipop Yarn’s Life Is Beautiful colorway on US 0′s

Ripon by Rachel Coopey in A Riot of Color 100% SW Merino, OOAK Pine Forest colroway, on US 0′s and US 2.5′s

Northallerton by Rachel Coopey in Quince and Co Finch, Fjord, Carrie’s Yellow and Bird’s Egg colorways, on US 0′s and US 2.5′s

Viggo by DROPS Design in Knit Picks Stroll Tweed, Flagstone Heather and Autumn Heather colorways, on US 0′s and US 2.5′s

All the Yarn Lives at My House:

Sun Valley Fibers

A Riot of Color

Clay Purl



Where is the dang episode?!

Where is the episode you ask. Well, much like my fellow ginger, I’m buried in tissues…..Curse you allergies! And before you feel an ounce of pity, I’m quite fine. I just love you enough to spare you the sight, and sounds, of my prodigious snot manufacturing skills.

I hope to record soon, and I’ll leave the Gratitude KAL prize thread open until I do.

Much love,

This Week’s Episode, or Lack Thereof

Hello all of you lovely humans!  I had every intention of recording this week, but, we are in full spring break swing and I find that I just don’t have the mental capacity to get an episode together.  I should be back next week, and hope you all have a lovely time in betwixt! 


Much love,


Ooooh, and also remember that next week’s episode will mark the end of our Gratitude KAL.  I will close the thread the morning of April 1st and plan to announce many awesome prizes the next time I record.