The all important inaugural post

Ok, so clearly a blog that I’ve been percolating on, agonizing over how to start, should start on a random Monday morning while my daughter is watching Phineas and Ferb.  I tend to over think to the point of inaction, so I’m just going to go ahead and roll on up in this thing.

Here is where I think I’m supposed to do an introduction.  Bullets are clearly in order.

  • Knitting–I knit a lot.  Let’s just say that I went to my daughter’s naturey-type preschool class the other day and realized that I was wearing the following handmade items: cowl, fingerless mits, hat, and socks.  I really do generally try to dial it back for the muggles, but sometimes the convergence of knitted items is unavoidable.   (Please also note that I was wearing a quippy knitting t-shirt and working on a pair of socks during her class.)
  • Family–I like family a lot.  I regularly entertain fantasies of living off the grid so that family can be the primary driving forces of all our lives, undistracted by pesky electricity and flush toilets.  The other unknowing participants in this fantasy are my dear “husband”, my daughter Tova (just turned 5) and our lil’ schnoodle Annie (just turned 1).
  • Food–I like food a lot.  Have you seen my pic?  That’s not from McDonalds folks.  That is straight up homemade food.  I’ll try to keep the food threads to a minimum, but sometimes a gal just has to post a biscuit pic.
  • Spinning–I like spinning a lot.  Now, if you’re confused about the aforementioned fatness combined with the spinning bullet, let me clarify that I don’t mean that bicycle going nowhere kind of spinning, I mean the kind that results in yarn.  I only started spinning in January of 2012, and I still pretty much suck at it, but I’m hooked anyway.

Ok, so enough with the wordiness, let’s get to a flipping picture already.

Brigid Sock in Progress

Here it is.  My offering to the muse.  I’m designing/knitting a sock that I will post on ravelry as a free pattern.  I will of course post my progress, but in the interest of making these posts easily digestible chunks, I’ll hold off on my motivation until another time.

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