Episode 3: Now With Extra Crazy Flakes!

Thank You:

Thank you for all your awesome comments, well-wishings and friendings via Plurk and Ravelry (thefatsquirrel on both).

A special thank you to Sue of Suezee Knits and Carla of Knitting Podcast


In which I display my true insanity and love of all things wool, AKA a review of the Jay County Fiber Fest and Spin-In:

Prize-winning Shetland from Bell Creek Farms, Mike and Kendra (pm me for the info if you’re interested in purchasing)

Suri Alpaca from Coldwater Creek Alpacas, Mary and Norm (pm me for their info if you’re interested in purchasing



Fueling the Economy Through Fiber Purchases:

BFL and silk gradient in the Chianti colorway from Friends in Fiber

Superwash sock in Scranton colorway from Marigold Jen


Finished Objects:

Mittens for Me by Laura Linneman in Beaverslide Dry Goods 2-ply sock, Mink and Chokecherry colorways



Halliard sweater by Kate Gildbert in Black Water Abbey’s worsted, Pippin colorway

Joris by Annita Wilschut in Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool in natural

Joris by Annita Wilschut in Regia Kaffe Fassett sport, Fire colorway

19 thoughts on “Episode 3: Now With Extra Crazy Flakes!

  1. Bev Love aka paletpc

    Dude, I am so glad I went to the little girl’s room before I started watching your show. ROFLMAO

    Love the sweater, I have been swatching (since Jan) for sweaters for myself, my Mother and my Sister. [sizes 1X, 2X, 3X] The whole goal being major stash busting results, and some really cute sweaters. I need a virtual punch to get going on them.

  2. thefatsquirrel Post author

    Hahahaha, ok, Bev, if you felt something weird sometime before you actually read this response, it’s totally becuase I sent you a psychic punch at 2:12 pm est. I’ll cofess, I totally started this sweater right after Christmas, and while I love the pattern, I haven’t been so sure about the direction my mods will need to take. But heh, you’ll never know until you try. Or, until you really screw something up.

  3. suezeeknits

    I heart you girl, but you know that. You are a bright spot in my week for sure, yo!
    “Dude, I sheer sheep. I will herd you” lol I want to go to a small fiber festival this weekend but it’s like an hour drive and it’s all city driving so traffic for an hour…not fun so I don’t know if I’ll do it. I’m lazy like that. lol
    Another fabulous episode! Thanks for the mention. ❤

  4. Cam

    You are totally insane! There has to be something seriously wrong with you! (Are we related???) No, seriously…This is the BEST podcast ever! You are the sister that I never had…(the voices in my head tell me so..) Keep on ‘castin girl…Everything you do makes me laugh (the dog thinks I’m crazy!) P.S totally understand what “stupid pretty” means!!

  5. thefatsquirrel Post author

    Ha! Cam, believe it or not, there are evidently a LOT of us crazy folks out here! Hooray for the internet! Whack-a-loons unite!

  6. Debbie R.

    I Love your podcast! I just watched all 3 episodes. Keep them coming!

    I like the smaller festivals myself and plan to go to a couple this Spring.

    I’m trying to finish a sweater that’s been around for too long. I spun the yarn in 2009, knit it in the round to where almost the whole thing was done, and had to frog 1/3 of it back in 2010. I’ve just got the last rows and front edging to do now. You are encouraging me to get it off the needles now. 🙂

  7. thefatsquirrel Post author

    Dang, a sweater from handspun! How awesome are you?! Finish it lady…..Finish it and wear it EVERYWHERE…..Finish is and wear it everywhere with a very large button that says “This used to be fur, I turned it into a sweater, yo.”

  8. Mary Beth

    I just watched all 3 episodes and you crack me the hell up!!!! DH came downstairs to find out what was so funny! Looking forward to more, so keep ’em coming!!!

  9. GerryART

    We are sisters, I just know it.
    I thought I was a Follower
    after listening to you
    Hey! I was sucked into it
    I, too, am kal-ing with Diane’s March Monster Madness
    AND, I have Joris ready to go WHEN I find just the right yarn
    Like Yours! ! ! It’s awesome!

  10. Carolyn

    I find myself giggling quite often watching your podcast! Keep it up! I love the fun, but also the actual “knitting” info also.
    Carolyn from Alaska

  11. Sandi A.

    Lmao I just love your craziness! You be like a sister from another mister, yo. I love Diane from knitabulls too and I decided to do the ravelympics and knit monsters… i’m thinking I might have to try Joris…way too much cuteness! Thanks for keepin it real 🙂

  12. thefatsquirrel Post author

    I really liked Joris and would totally knit him again! Thanks so much, Sandi!

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