Episode 5: So now what?


Thank you’s to everyone, especially my kind benefactors Judith and Candy as well as the super cute HippiePenguin, Leslie, for her pattern gift of the Lattice Cable Hat.

The Ravelry group is up and hobbling (running will happen soon, I hope) so join!  Join away!


Easy Peasy Socks for First Time Knitters in Stitch Nation Washable Ewe, Clover colorway on US3 (I’m not sure of the blue, it’s random, bandless stash)

Brigid Sock, pattern to come from moi, in Hazel Knits Artisan Sock, the Solstice colorway on US 0

Premie Hats for the Brooklyn Knits KAL in KnitPicks sock yarn of some sort and Debbie Macomber’s Blossom St Collection Sock in the Flowering Cabbage colorway, knit on US 0’s in


Halliard sweater by Kate Gildbert in Black Water Abbey’s worsted, Pippin colorway knit on US 7’s

Trilobite Socks by Wendy Johnson from Toe Up Socks in  a Box in Lion Brand Sock-Ease, Rock Candy colorway….Also on US 0’s

Damson by Ysolda Teague in Jojoland Harmony, MS11 colorway, knit on US6’s

Things I forgot, because while I make shownotes, I clearly can’t be bothered to follow them:

I finished the singles from my Friends in Fiber Chianti BFL/Silk gradient and will be Navajo plying this week (fingers crossed)

No stash feeding….Thanks everyone, your psychic kickboxing classes totally paid off!

15 thoughts on “Episode 5: So now what?

  1. Candy

    You are so AWESOME!!!!!!! Enjoyed this episode. You made my day. Guess all I can do is go to bed now. Just kidding. It is only noon here and going to bed isn’t happening. Laundry is happening. Like this is the happening place. Ok, boring!! Have a great day kiddo.

  2. suezeeknits

    It’s not a crazy idea! Love it! I might start a Rav group and I never thought I would in a million years but this giveaway I am having would be a lot easier if I had one place people could sign up it would be a lot easier, yo lol. *head desk head desk head desk*

  3. Melanie

    Love the idea of gratitude knitting! I make a lot of things for charity and try to have good thoughts and intentions while making hats, shawls and scarves. I would absolutely participate in a Gratitude-knit- a-long.

    You’re super funny keep up the great work.


  4. Carolyn r

    Very groovy words said about being a grownup cuz it is hard. I’m from the same situation basically…thanks for sharing…I want to be friends I like u lots!!

  5. Amanda Eugair Peach

    You just made Charles Dickens come alive for me! “Thank you sir…” …hahaha – You are so funny, my friend. ❤ Those preemie hats are the cutest things ever!

  6. thefatsquirrel Post author

    Ah, thanks so much, Amanda!!!!! Since this comment is coming from the funniest human I know, I’ll totally take it and run!

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