Episode 26: H.O. Expo



Tiny Ornament Sock by Everwhelming Liz in Homspun, one in Shetland Supreme on US 2’s (I think they are Lantern Moon Sox Stix)


Simple SKYP Socks by Adrienne Ku in Red Heart Sock Ease on US 0’s with afterthought heels a’la Laura Linneman

AfterThought Heel Socks by Laura Linneman in Lollipop Yarn’s Girly Girl colorway on US 0’s…..Mine are plain, her’s have a 3X2 rib along the instep

Hugs and Kisses cardigan based on Ann Bud’s A Knitters Book of Sweaters in KnitPicks stroll sport, scarlet colorway, on US 3’s

3 thoughts on “Episode 26: H.O. Expo

  1. Ann M.

    Thank you Amy Beth! For not blowing the tooth fairy thing. You see I watch your podcast, and often my 7 year old is around. She has lost many a tooth. As you started speaking of the wondrous tooth fairy, I started praying. “Please don’t blow it.” Bless you for keeping it in code so I can hold on to those magical mysteries a little longer. I should tell you that our tooth fairy likes taking a dollar and folding it into a heart origami style. YouTube is very helpful at 10pm to help make the tooth fairy look good. Cheers!

  2. thefatsquirrel Post author

    Ok, our tooth fairy was found rummaging through ancient origami paper to make a heart envelope for the dollars, but thanks you for this tip from your very resourceful fairy!

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