Episode 50: Raiders of the Lost Train of Thought


Finished Objects:

Superwash BFL in the Dr Jones colorway by CJ Copec Creations

Snuggle for the Yarnivore Snuggle KAL in Lion Brand USA Hometown on US 13’s in my project bag from The Ploverbird

Shur’Tugal by Alice Yu in Another Crafty Girl’s Strong Sock, Prince of the Cosmos colorway on US 0’s

Works In Progress:

Loren by Gudrun Johnston in Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace in the Midnight Forest colorway on US 4’s

Plain little stripey sock in Poste Yarn self-striping in the Chatham Beach Lighthouse colorway on US 0’s

Kelley’s Ski Sweater by the KnitPicks Design Team in Wool of the Andes Sport Fedora, Oyster Heather and Avocado on US 2’s

Walpole by Hannah Fettig in Beaverslide Dry Goods 2-ply Sock Swift Fox colorway on US 3’s, mostly (the sleeves are on US 2’s and I’ll be working the yoke on 2’s primarily as well)


Lemknitcrochet of the Lemknitcrochet Designs Podcast is participating in a fundraiser for The Histiocytosis Association of America.  You can find her fundraising page here  or learn more about her fundraising and raffle on her Episode 43 or in this thread in the Lemknitcrochet Ravelry Group.

4 thoughts on “Episode 50: Raiders of the Lost Train of Thought

  1. Jenni

    I am so bent on getting one of your box bags, I have just set an alarm on my phone for when they will be on here… kinda crazy. But not really because they are great and Ive been thinking of donating to you for a while and why not do it this way?!? So I hope I get one.
    What scarf/cowl are you wearing in this episode? I like it, the colour are great.
    Are you really willing to be a pattern tester? There are a few things on the go and I’d love to have someone out side my knitting circle take a look.

    Horrific Spellers of the World Unite,

  2. thefatsquirrel Post author

    I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment sooner! My shawl is Mr West’s Daybreak…..It’s definitely one of my favorites! Feel free to p.m. Me on Rav with test knitting…..If my schedule is open, I would be happy to help out.

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