Episode 51: Holy Curseword Face

Finished Objects:

Shur’Tugal by Alice Yu in Another Crafty Girl’s Strong Sock, Prince of the Cosmos colorway on US 0’s

Walpole by Hannah Fettig in Beaverslide Dry Goods 2-ply Sock Swift Fox colorway on US 3’s, mostly (the sleeves are on US 2’s and I’ll be working the yoke on 2’s primarily as well)

Works In Progress:

Crab on It’s Back Organic Polwarth from Shannon at The Spun Monkey

Loren by Gudrun Johnston in Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace in the Midnight Forest colorway on US 4’s

Rock Steady: Solid Sock Mystery Sock by Laura Linneman in 80/20 BFL/Nylon on US 0’s

Plain little stripey sock in Poste Yarn self-striping in the Chatham Beach Lighthouse colorway on US 0’s

Kelley’s Ski Sweater by the KnitPicks Design Team in Wool of the Andes Sport Fedora, Oyster Heather and Avocado on US 2’s

Snappy Tape Project Bags can be found at Kitchen Counter Crafter  (Well at least I got the “kitchen” part right!)

I Bought All the THINGS!

Themyscira Superwash Cheviot from Rachel at Dyeabolical

Rock Pool Merino Wool Tops and Tree Spirit Spinning Batt from Candy and Lora of Nunoco

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