Episode 55: The Secret Word is “Fancy”

Finished Objects:

Guernsey Wrap by Jared Flood in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter the Nest colorway on US 6’s

Works in Progress:

Twigs and Willows cardigan by Alano Dakos from her new book Botanical Knits.  I’m knitting mine in Fat Squirrel Fibers 100% Superwash BFL on US 4’s (Project bag by Bling Your String)

Schaad Hat by Lara Neel of the Math for Knitters podcast in 100% Polwarth from Spun Monkey in the Crab on it’s Back colorway (Project bag by  Knit Spin Farm)

3 thoughts on “Episode 55: The Secret Word is “Fancy”

  1. karen white aka mrs noache

    you are fantabulous. I did not know that my son raelly had something wrong wIth his legs unholy came back from the army. Yes he told me almost every day that they hurt …YES FROM the time that he first started walking!

  2. Sharon V

    You are so funny! Every parent has a bad parent story. Case in point: my son was about 3 years old when I stooped down to clean his face. Well, my purse, which was behind me, fell forward and knocked him in the forehead with the force of a rocket ship, knocking him down on his butt. He started yelling, “You hit me! Why did you hit me?” People were looking at me (we were in the park) and I had no recourse but to take him home where everyone in earshot probably believed I was taking him home to finish the job. I was horrified!

    Anyway, you keep me in stitches. I mentioned you in my blog today so hopefully you’ll get a few listeners and participants in your KALs.

  3. Susan

    It’s hilarious that this is the first episode I’m watching! (I heard about you on Stockinette Zombies.) My husband’s sister put watermelon seeds in her ears when she was little and they didn’t find out about it until one of them had started to sprout! So don’t let this incident bring you down, because my mom-in-law is the best mom & grandma ever!

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