Episode 83: Spore Shanghai

Many apologies for the frightful audio quality of this week’s episode. If you are a new viewer, please know this is abnormal and should not happen in the future. I would typically record the episode again, but my voice is all froggy and now there are people chainsawing everywhere. Really, I’m not even kidding. They are chainsawing!

I’ve decided to put the episode up as is because I love my podcasters so much, I’m willing to endure the occasional technical wonkiness, but I completely understand if you are not equally crazy. Just pretend this week’s episode was canceled due to Rhinebeck traveling. I promise I didn’t say much of anything. Unless of course you’re from the midwest and your family calls bell peppers mangoes. If you’re that person, you should probably listen. Or at least google “mangoes called bell peppers”.

There are no show notes this week.  Hush.  It’s free.

Have a lovely week everyone!

3 thoughts on “Episode 83: Spore Shanghai

  1. Coffeeiv

    Ep 83: So you got sick, your computer is sending subliminal messages through your vlog, and trees aim walnuts at your head so that you’ve got PTSD. I think The Spirits are trying to communicate/amuse/kill you. It’s one of those.

    Notice that I didn’t mention the roofing contractors not coming when they said they would. I have been renovating for 6 years (two houses and an office). Contractors NEVER call when they say and it will ALWAYS cost you more to do and take longer if you pay them first. HINT: Put in a performance clause which will reward them for being on time and penalize them if they are NOT.

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