Episode 84: Rhinebeck

Unfortunately, I am not able to embed this week’s episode at this time.  (My PC has come down with a rather nasty virus.).  I’ll update as soon as possible, but until then the Rhinebeck Recap will only be available on ITunes and blip http://blip.tv/thefatsquirrelspeaks/rhinebeck-6672565.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Episode 84: Rhinebeck

  1. Ana

    I watched this on blip and thoroughly enjoyed. I know you should never say “never”, but I can’t see myself ever going to Rhinebeck. Having said THAT, thank you for letting me go VICARIOUSLY through you. I can honestly say (without any jealousy whatsoever) that I am so happy for you. All the purchases. All the food. All the fun. All the friends. You deserved all of it. SO HAPPY. And if you had a “Rhinebeck Part 2”, I would watch it…..

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