Where is this week’s episode?

Hello all,

All is going well at casa del squirrel, but I find that time has gotten away from me this week. I am knitting and spinning and sewing and holidaying away with great joy and hope you are doing, at least some of, the same. I will be back next week with exciting Yarn Harlot and Simply Sock Yarn tales and look forward to talking with you then.

With deep thanks,
Amy Beth

8 thoughts on “Where is this week’s episode?

  1. erininboston

    Hi Amy Beth! Enjoy the warmth and love of the holidays, and get ready for the Yarn Harlot! Thanks for all that you do. I so love your podcast! Erin/19vesperstreet/knittinginbeantown

  2. Elaine

    This year I’m grateful for Amy Beth’s blog. You make me smile, and teach me things about one of our obsessions, knitting. Thank you and have a joyous holiday.

  3. Jane / Knitter(ravelryID)

    Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the warmth of family and loved ones! See you when you get back to us! Stay safe and well!

  4. Cathy (cakky14)

    Have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving! Hope it is full of fun family shenanigans! Can’t wait to her your Yarn Harlot tales!

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