Pipeliner Preorders

imageimageHello all!  I have been working on getting samples made up for the Knitting Pipeline Retreat and I’m about to add them to the website for preview.  The preorder will go up Sunday 2/23 before 10am and will close Sunday 3/2 at midnight, or when preorder slots are filled.  I don’t think we’ll run out, but please limit your preorder to one per Pipeliner.  I have every intention of offering additional “commemorative” bags (in addition to other non-tagged ones) at the retreat’s vending fair.


PLEASE NOTE:  THESE BAGS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PICKUP AT THE KNITTING PIPELINE RETREAT. If you’re not going to the retreat, I plan on offering this bag (sans the tag) for an April update.

1 thought on “Pipeliner Preorders

  1. Sara Kist

    I am so glad you are gonna make these for us folks that are not going to the retreat. Love this bag! Actually, love all your bags!

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