1 thought on “Episode 109: I’VE GOT PATIENCE UP IN HERE!

  1. Holly Sullivan

    OMG I totally get your cashier woes. I have this one bagger @ my grocery store who won’t shut up. Seriously, WON’T SHUT UP! Finally one day I just looked at my cashier and said “Don’tcha just want to gag her, ‘cuz I do” and the chick still didn’t get the hint. SO after the 3rd time she asked for my opinion on something (which I didn’t care to give and even if I did, I wouldn’t have gotten a word in edgewise) I finally snapped. I smiled sweetly and calmly told her that if she didn’t shut up, I would rip out her tongue. That shut her up. 😀 I do have my diabolical moments.

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