Episode 112: Lewd Prude?

Finished Spinning:

Loop Bullseye Bump in the Curry colorway

In Progress Spinning:

Polwarth from Highland Handmades in the SSKers FTW colorway

Finished Knitting:

K4 SKYP sock in Manos del Uruguay Alegria, Pindo colorway

Gladys by Melissa LaBarre in a yarn I can’t remember and I’m at the library, but I’ll try to update show notes later this evening on US 4’s (Thank you Jaimie!)

In Progress Knitting:

Vanilla sock in Spun Right Round sock blank, Picnic colorway

Viajante by Martina Behm in The Woolen Rabbits’ Chantilly base, Midas Touch colorway, on US 3’s

Coquille Shawl by Mary Lou Egan in handspun Falkland from Three Waters Farm

Knitter’s Nightmare Batty Sock in Tulips and Vegitables

4 thoughts on “Episode 112: Lewd Prude?

  1. Holly Sullivan

    I totally agree with your pool rant! It doesn’t so much bother me to see women in bikinis (or men if that is their fashion/lifestyle choice) at the pool but it does bother me when they are in a store or a restaurant. Swimwear belongs at the pool. I am very disturbed by the number of young teens and tweens in string bikinis! If they want to wear to a 2 piece, as a parent of a daughter, I don’t have issue with that but there are different types. The boy -short/surfer tee style is super cute and so are the tank-inis. Still a two piece but does not leave your lovely child a target for a pediphile, ya know? Meh, Maybe i’m becoming prude, too but I stand by it. 😀

  2. trl710

    Hi there-
    I really like the looks of your skyp sock but they look different from the pattern.
    It looks like you do the skyp on the purl stitch? Is that correct?
    The pattern seems to have it in the middle of the knit group.

  3. thefatsquirrel Post author

    Thank you for your comment! I didn’t do any ribbing for the biddy if the sock…..I did four stitches in Stockinette followed by the two stitches of SKYP (I centered the SKYP stitches, so technically I guess it looks more like K2, SKYP, K2).

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