Episode 119: Apple Butter!

In Progress Spinning:

Super Sock from Leading Men Fiber Arts in the Popeye’s Delight colorway

In Progress Knitting

Benedetta by Carrie Bostick Hoge in Bartletyarns Sport Cones, Dark Sheep’s Gray, on US 2’s

Opal Hundertwasser Socks….Vanilla!

Hermione’s Everyday Socks by Erica Leuder in Another Crafty Girl’s Strong Sock, Sugarfree Lollipops colorway, on US 00’s

Sister Bay by Paula Emons-Fuessle in Beaverslide Dry Goods 2-ply Sport, Mink and Chokecherry colorways, on US 4’s 


Knitting Go! Episode 39: Woolen Mill Field Trip!



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