Episode 125: Shenanigans A Go Go

Finished Objects

Maize mits by TinCanKnits in IndieString’s Superior Worsted, Chipper colorway

Drachenfels by Melanie Berg in The Woolen Rabbit’s Emma, Arabian Nights, Gray Goose and Man Cave Blue colroways

Opal Hundertwasser Socks Colorway #750….Vanilla!

Works in Progress:

Plain Old Cuff Down Socks for me in Simply Sock Yarn‘s Poste Self-Striping, Elm Street colorway

Semis de Printemps and Beguin de Printemps by Lili Come Toute in a yarn which I can’t put my hands on right now

Foolproof by Louise Zass-Bangham in The Woolen Rabbit’s Emma, Pumpkin Patch colorway, and String Theory’s DK Superwash Merino

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