Episode 134: Superbaby Alpaca Fan

Thank You:

Thank you to the ladies of Oh Loops for their gift of yarn and a good book!  You can find out more about their shop, find out more about their Read Along, or find out more about their podcast!

Finished Objects:

Bray Cap by Jared  Flood in The Woolen Rabbit’s Frolic, Butterscotch Pudding

Sock Stashbuster Slouchy Hat by Amanda Schwabe in Mini Skeins from Spun Right Round

Works in Progress:

3 Color Cashmere Cowl by Joji Locatelli in ShiBui Maai, Fjord, Tar, Pollen and fog colorways

Top Down Sweater adapted from Ann Budd’s Knitter’s Book of Top-Down Sweaters in Quince and Company Lark

Men’s Felted Moc Slippers by Julie in Paton’s Roving

Vanilla Sport Socks in Opal 6-ply Daydream #8357


Lifted Increase Tutorial by Very Pink Knits

Plantar Fasciitis stretches

1 thought on “Episode 134: Superbaby Alpaca Fan

  1. Tricia

    Amy Beth!!! I just looked at the new Charley harper fabric and the CARDINAL PATCH is so darn amazing and cute. I saw it and thought “knitting pipeline”! I will be attending this year, and stalking your table….Can’t wait for your next update!

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