Episode 147: Knitting at 17:08

Finished Spinning:

Fat Cat Knits Superwash Targhee in the Spinach Souffle colorway

In Progress Spinning:

Hobbledehoy Battlings, Hot Cocoa colorway on a Jeri Brock spindle

Finished Knitting:

Vanilla Socks with yarn by Knitty and Color  Hardcore Sock Yarn in the Ain’t It Fun colorway

Vanilla Socks in Miss Babs Tarte base, Biker Chick colorway

In Progress Knitting:

Popspots by Juju Vail in Madelinetoshm Tosh Merino Light, Medieval and Maple Leave colorways

Kelias by Cailliau Berangere in Hedgehog Fibers, Sock base in the Monet colorwa, and Cakewalk Yarns, Footsie base in the Aztec Tomb colorway

Patterns Mentioned:

Rose City Rollers by Mara Catherine Bryner

Shop News:
SSK preorders will be available June 1st through June 8th with a discount!

There will be a lrge shop update June 12th (the last before SSK)

5 thoughts on “Episode 147: Knitting at 17:08

  1. Tracie Riebesell Amsden

    Oh goodness, I actually had to stop the podcast to compose myself from laughing so hard at your comparison of the Lane Bryant vs Hanes panties. ROFL Thanks for making my work afternoon fly by with laughter

  2. Sarah Doty

    Oh my, your stories are what the video cast fun! If a person doesn’t like to hear your adventures – why are they even watching? Don’t stop the stories. I love them. I’m sure other people do too!!

  3. thefatsquirrel Post author

    I think LB needs to highlight this aspect of their panties in an ad campaign!

  4. Sara McGregor

    I’m still loving all of your podcasts, shenanigans and knitting all! I do have a request. When my computer volume is cranked up all of the way, I still miss some of your words. Is there a way to broadcast more loudly. It is easy to turn the volume down but hard to fill in words when the volume is up all the way. Thanks so much!

  5. kathy b

    So I am about a year behind but I loved the explanation of the Great Pantene effect with regards to superwash yarns. Lane Bryant does it so right! I agree.
    It has been a stressful week here in my little place called home, and you have been true comic relief Lady. I owe you yet another dollar.

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