Episode 150: BeginingEndMiddle

Finished Spinning:

Hobbledehoy Battlings, Hot Cocoa colorway on a Jeri Brock spindle

In Progress Spinning:

Superwash Nylon in the Luna Moth colorway from Moonrover

In Progress Knitting:

Wonderland Tank by Nicole Montgomery in Knit Picks Shine Sport, Wallaby, Peapod, Citrine and Robt colorways

Popspots by Juju Vail in Madelinetoshm Tosh Merino Light, Medieval and Maple Leave colorways

Imagine When by Joji Locatelli in Handspun from Fat Cat Knits, Superwash Targhee in the Spinach Souffle colorway

2 thoughts on “Episode 150: BeginingEndMiddle

  1. Pauline Bushey

    Started at the bottom. Just watched viedo 48. Question you asked how to clean in side your slippers. Here’s how: use baby power as its a dry cleaning agent. Same as cleaning under a saddle. You it on pet fur as a bath, use it if something is stickey. I don’t know how to sign up for the prizes? Where do I go?Send you email where?

  2. thefatsquirrel Post author

    Hello Pauline. Thank you so much for the tip. All prizes are run through the Ravelry group, so you can sign up there.

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