Episode 153: Zeplin Boobs


In Progress Spinning:

Inglenook Fibers, mini batts in the Delft colroway

Finished Knitting:

Saco Stripes by Pam Allen in Quince and Co Sparrow, Fen and Fundi colorways

Wild Goose Shawlette by Paula Emons-Fuessle in handspun from Knit Spin Farm

Rose City Rollers by Mara Catherine Bryner in Regia Colormania

Toe Up Ribbed Shorties with heel from Wendy’s Fingering Weight, Toe-up Socks with Gusset Heel by Wendy Johnson in Miss Bab’s Tarte, Deep Sea Jellyfish colorway

In Progress Knitting:

Dutchess by Cheryl Burke in Quince and Co Lark, Fjord and Twig (I think, I’m at the Starbucks uploading episodes) on US 4’s

Color Craving by Stephen West in MadelineTosh Twist Light, Twig, Fir Wreath and Tomato colorways


Lena Tee by Carrie Bostick Hoge in KnitPicks Curio, Ash colorway

Imagine When by Joji Locatelli in Handspun from Fat Cat Knits, Superwash Targhee in the Spinach Souffle colorway (hibernating)

Popspots by Juju Vail in Madelinetoshm Tosh Merino Light, Medieval and Maple Leave colorways (hibernating)

Shenanigans of the Mind:

Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny

Mary Russell series by Laurie R King (The book about the moors is in fact called “The Moor”)

Gorge: My Journey up Kilimanjaro at 300 pounds by Kara Richardson Whitely

  • Let me note that nearly every GoodReads and Amazon review of this book are absolutely glowing.  I am clearly in the minority with my opinion.


2 thoughts on “Episode 153: Zeplin Boobs

  1. kathy b

    August of last year. Are you even able to see my very late comments. See I watch your old podcasts like series on NEtflix, cept you are way bettah!
    So : You were talking about your favorite narrators: I have loved Peter Coyote’s voice forever. He does all the big documentaries on television. Go listen. I love his voice.
    Also the Wild Goose shawl you are wearing in this episode is lovely and it seems to be the same colorway as the Miss bab’s Deep Sea Jellyfish you are showing in this episode.
    (Upon further inspection I think the shawl is more browns, the Socks are more reds?)
    And finally, when my husband goes off on some plausible explanation I have learned to look at him and say, “Is that your best guess?” and it usually is. He just SOUNDS so knowledgeable. (and he can beat me in Jeopardy almost all the time) so…
    Thanks for making me laugh Amy Beth.
    Late to the party, Kathy b

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