Episode 184: Election Free


I’m wearing a Rikke Hat by Sarah Young

Kit-Along Project: Ornament kit from The Felted Tree and I might have gushed a wee bit about the Colly Bird pattern from mmmcrafts

In progress spinning project is fiber by Knit Spin Farm

Finished knitting object is a pair of 1X1 rib mitts, fiber by Spun Right Round

Knitting WIPs:

Afterthought heel socks, blueberrry waffle flavor, in fingering weight yarn from Marigold Jen held doubled

Afterthough heels socks by Laura Linneman in Nomadic Yarns, (Rhinebeck) Sweater Weather colorway

Building Blocks by Stephen West in Miss Baby 2-Ply Toes, Slate, Cygnus, Coffee Break, and Half Past Midnight colorways.


2 thoughts on “Episode 184: Election Free

  1. Lindsey

    I totally caved and got the Patridge and Swan patterns… and the felt kits with the floss! I’m making them for my mom and grandma for Christmas 😉 thanks for finding these, they are to perfect… my brain and mental health thanks you!

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