Episode 192: I’m Open to Title Suggestions

Finished Objects: 

Find Your Fade by Andrea Mowry in Hedgehog Fibers, Cakewalk, Miss Babs, Spun Right Round, Madeline Tosh, and Quaere Fibre’s A Tardis In The Park

Afterthought Heel Sock by Laura Linneman in Nomadic Yarns Twisty Sport, Candy Cane Lane colorway

Works in Progress:


Prairie Socks by Kay Jones in Ontheround Signature Sock Yarn, Sweetheart colorway

Afterthought Heel Sock by Laura Linneman in Regia Arne and Carlos 4-ply and/or Opal Hundertwasser

Consumery Consumption:

Dyeabolical Yarns, Wit Beyond Measure and Kara in Targhee Sock

Yarn Geek Fibers, To Boldly  Go in Super Geek

Leading Men Fiber Arts, Man of Mystery on Spotlight and Gothic Queen and Black Walnut on Dramaturg

Knit Spin Farm, “Drinking, Fencing, Swearing” on Superwash Targhee and Running Brooks on Corriedale

Merlot, Film Noir, and Pollen from Hedgehog Fibers via Le Mouton Rouge Knittery 

I expect to have the show uploaded to ITunes by Saturday morning!

1 thought on “Episode 192: I’m Open to Title Suggestions

  1. compassionknit

    Oh dear. I love wounds. I am a retired nurse. I suggest only this: Bring the wound nurses chocolates. Nurses love chocolates. Nurses need chocolates and appreciation! 🙂
    Title suggestions: Me N Pink: outta control
    or Weird Things I like About Retreats

    Also my spidery face veins were diagnosed as Rosacea. Not every one with spidery face veins has rosacea though.

    Phew. That’s a lotta medical. Big hugs to you Amy Beth. Is it hard to wash your hair?????

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