Episode 196: Overexposed On So Many Levels

Works in Progress:

Color Affection by Veera Valimaki in Hazel Knits, Artisan Sock, Land of Sweets Colorway, A Homespun House in Puddle  Jumper, and Madelinetosh Sock in Daffodil

Bentley Cardigan by Marie Greene in Barrett Wool’s Woolen Spun Fingering

Saki Slippers by NellKnits in Peace Fleece Worsted, Kamchatka Sea Moss

Syncopation Socks by Mary Henninger

Prairie Socks by Kay Jones in Ontheround Signature Sock Yarn, Sweetheart colorway

Scheduled Shop Updates:

May 12th 9pm eastern

2 thoughts on “Episode 196: Overexposed On So Many Levels

  1. Jacquie

    My DH and I once lived in a 1900 house and most of it was remodeled except the kitchen so of course we remodeled the kitchen. We took up the old floor only to discover another floor. Then we took up that one too and discovered yet another floor and this one was the exact same as the one we previously took up!

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