Episode 203: Cider, Zippers, and Canning

Another long one….Everyone just has such good stuff to say!

Trimming Zippers around minute 35

Deb Robson’s Fiber books around minute 58

The actual knitting around minute 66

Works In Progress

Ninilchik Swoncho by Caitlin Hunter MC: Cascade 220, Color #2431; Contrast Colors from The Woolen Rabbit, Emma Base, CC1 Birchbeer, CC2 Butterscotch, CC3 Tiger Lily

Monte Rosa by Isabell Kraemer in Rowan worsted

Bousta Beanie by Gudrun Johnston in Swans Island Sport, Ocean, Poppy, and Ice colorways

Waits Cardigan by Bristol Ivy in Wollmeise Lace, Campari Orange and Terra di Sienna colorways

Lambing Mitts by Veronika Jobe in weirdo handspun

From the Board Links:

Canning Dry Goods

Townsends YouTube Channel

Fuel for Fat Squirrel:



1 thought on “Episode 203: Cider, Zippers, and Canning

  1. Sara Harding

    I was home alone today, but with my Boston Terrier, Lola, and wasn’t feeling well. I rarely have a chance to catch up on podcasts…so I totally went for it and you didn’t disappoint at all. You always make me laugh, learn something and feel inspired just by your nonstop enthusiasm. I don’t comment often but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate what you do. Thank you!

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