Bonus Episode: How I Modify Sweaters

Thank you to Patreon and PayPal supporters of the show! These bonus episodes are all due to them. (This is actually Ocotober’s bonus episode. I had a slight technical hurdle that pushed my procrastination over the deadline. Apologies!)

Ok, so this video is not a traditional tutorial, but something I like to call a talktorial. It’s kind of like we’re just visiting and talking about sweaters and how I modify them to fit my body.

I know the video is ridiculously long, so here are timestamps to direct you to some things you might be specifically looking for:

Choosing Patterns:
Butt Darts (aka hip shaping): 23:00
Bust Darts in Raglans: 34:45
Bust Darts in Yokes: 45:16
Bust Darts in Set In Sleeves: 49:50
Cautionary Tail: 55:30
Increase Decrease Types: 60:00
In Review: 67:00

I don’t believe I offer any additional information in the “In Review” section, so if you’ve watched the whole thing (bless you), you can likely skip it, but it may be valuable to more experienced knitters who just need an overview.

Featured Sweaters:
Ishnana (Quince and Co) and Threipmuir (Harrisville Shetland) both by Ysolda Teague
Hiro (Handspun) by Julia Farwell-Clay
Gigi (Peace Fleece) by Devin Ven

Sans Serif (Harrisville Watershed) by Elizabeth Doherty

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