Episode 273: I Contain Multitudes (of contradictions)

Squirrel Support: https://linktr.ee/thefatsqrrl

Call Your Girlfriend’s interview with Mariame Kaba in Police Abolition: https://www.callyourgirlfriend.com/episodes/2020/06/05/police-abolition-mariame-kaba

Jelly Rainbow Quilt: https://my.modafabrics.comravelry.com/patterns/library/just-feel-festive-shawl/sites/default/files/fp_rss_ps_jelly-rainbow.pdf

Works in Progress:

A Good Vintage Cardigan by Fran Morgan in Handspun dyed by Hello Yarn, HIpString Buoy, Leading Men Fiber Arts, and MadelineTosh

A Granny Stripe version of Louise Zass-Bangham’s Foolproof using a mashup of Curchmouse Yarn & Teas Half a Granny Square Shawl and Caleisha Ryan’sJust Feel Festive Shawl

Azore by Orlane Sucche in Barret Wools Wisconsin Woolen


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