Episode 11: Super Moon Yields Super Knitting?


Thank You’s

Thank you to Traci for her generous financial contribution to the show!

Thank you to Butterfly Bush for her gift of a skein of delicious sock yarn in Fresh Zing to me, and a discount for the whole group!  10% off in her Etsy Shop Butterfly Bush Yarns through May 12 using discount code Butterfly10


AfterThought Heel Socks by Laura Linneman in Easter Egg Dyed sock yarn, US 0’s

Starving Artist  by Laura Linneman in handspun Cloudlover BFL, US 9’s knit inside out

Color Affection by Veera Valimaki in Beaverslide Dry Goods 2-Ply Sock, Barley Heather, Winter Rosehip, and Bison colorways on US 3’s  FAILure 😦

Piper’s Journey by Paula Emons-Fuessle in Beaverslide Dry Goods 2-Ply sock in chokecherry and mink colorways on US 3’s

4.3oz Corriedale in the At The Bird Feeder colorway from Edgewood Garden Studio


Zuni Shawl by Danielle Chalson in handspun Loop Bullseye Bump, Desert Sunset colorway, on US 5’s

Emelie Cardigan by Elin Berglund in Beaverslide Dry Goods 2-ply sock, Bluejay colorway….Ribbing on US 1’s, body on US2’s

18 thoughts on “Episode 11: Super Moon Yields Super Knitting?

  1. valeria1966

    Hi Amy Beth 🙂 I love this ep. and you don’t have to be “funny” always and still you are 🙂 I think you do a great job and oh my you knit fast… I can’t keep up so Yay for you 🙂

    Thanks for the weekly podcast fix 🙂 I needed it, was constantly refreshing, looking in the mail if you’ve had an update and you did!!! So I’m very glad you didn’t wait another week!!!

    Wishing you a great week 🙂
    greets from the other side of the great pond 🙂

  2. carolyn r

    Great podcast you silly girl! Whew, you are a busy bee knitter….you make me look laaazy. I must try the Beaverslide yarn. I love your rustic yarn! I love Peace Fleece-ish rustic yarns. They wear like iron and smell great. You are inspiring me to dust off the spinning wheel. Thanks for your craziness. It makes me happy!

  3. thefatsquirrel Post author

    Thanks so much Carolyn….I LOVE Peace Fleece….They used to have this amazing green and I would just look at their catalog over and over and over again…..I had forgotten all about them. Thanks so much for the reminder!

  4. sue

    I loved the episode even if you didnt think you had anything funny to say. Love that green yarn – what an awesome color. You are a very fast knitter too. Makes me wish I could be a bit quicker so I could finish up some UFOs. Have a great week Amy!

  5. GerryART

    I watch your podcast at the end of the day – and my comment my reflect just that. Amy Beth you are one crazy gal. And I’m lovin’ every minute of it ! !
    Have a terrific week.

  6. Sue

    I love your podcast, but girl ya gotta stop whispering!!!! I miss out on what you say and I hang on your every word. Ok, maybe not every word, but I do miss some of what you say cuz you whisper and I can see your lips move, but I don’t hear anything. Yes, yes, I have a volume slider and it gets adjusted. Pleasssse, don’t torture me with moving lips and no sound. BTW, the easter egg dye socks are dang cute. Ok, I am done now. Have a good week!

  7. thefatsquirrel Post author

    Sue, I know the whispering is rough on some folks, and everytime I start to podcast, I try to remind myself not to do it, but then it just happens….Something about the in-the-moment nature of unscripted recording just drives all reminders of volume from my mind…I’m working on it!

  8. thefatsquirrel Post author

    You’re welcome! Glad I could be of some assistance with de-crapping your mood.

  9. GerryART

    As far as your whispering [btw, I love it] there are times when I think you are just mouthing a couple of words and I can tell what you are saying anyway.
    But then I do use earbuds.
    yes, yes, love you and love your podcast.

  10. Coffeeiv

    I just started watching the podcast. The first time I just listened, which was last week, Thank You Universe. I kept hearing something about “The Gratitude Cow.” I couldn’t get what it was from context, so now that I can actually see your lips move, I can slap my forehead and say, “Doi!” KAL! OHHHhhhhh.

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