Episode 12: I Can’t Stop Talking About It Even Though I Have No Idea What I’m Saying

Gratitude KAL

Running through June 3…Get those projects posted!  Remember to tag your projects with “fatsquirrelgratitude”


Thank you to Joan from Lollipop Yarn for her donation of one skein of awesome self-striping sock yarn in the colorway Delerious.

Thank you to ploverbird for her generous donation of a project bag to the Gratitude KAL (and to me!) from her Etsy shop The Ploverbird.

Thank you to irocknits for her generous donation of one skein of Artisan Sock in the Chuckanut Drive colorway from Hazel Knits.


Ribbed Hat (no pattern) made with 4.3oz Corriedale in the At The Bird Feeder colorway from Edgewood Garden Studio

4.0 Oz of Cormo wool from The Fiber Event (vendor doesn’t have a website)


Zuni Shawl by Danielle Chalson in handspun Loop Bullseye Bump, Desert Sunset colorway, on US 5’s

Emelie Cardigan by Elin Berglund in Beaverslide Dry Goods 2-ply sock, Bluejay colorway….Ribbing on US 1’s, body on US2’s

Ribbed socks (no pattern) in Kroy Sock Color FX Camo Colours on US 0’s

Coopworth Silk blend in Indigo/Osage from Handspun by Stefania

8 thoughts on “Episode 12: I Can’t Stop Talking About It Even Though I Have No Idea What I’m Saying

  1. carolyn r

    You are too much!! U crack me up. Keep spinning. I am so inspired by your handspinning and your knitting. You are very productive. I sit in anticipation, what’s she gonna show now, hmmm? hmmmm? Thanks for sharing!!

  2. carolyn r

    btw…what spinning wheel do you have? are you totally self taught? I want to get into this spinning stuff.

  3. thefatsquirrel Post author

    Thanks so much Carolyn! And thank you for your generous donation as well! I spin on a very used (20+) Louet S10 that is new to me as of January….I am self (and you tube) taught and boy does it show! I get all whack-a-loony self-conscious when I’m learning something new in front of others, and there really aren’t any lessons within a reasonable distance, so I’ll save classes for another time.

  4. Coffeeiv

    So like, next time the fairies pee, could you catch some in a cup for me & put it in a spritzer and send it to me? K thx. BTW, LOVE Bill Bryson. My fave is In A Sunburned Country. It’s my Dream Turnip to go to Australia (Dija get the Black Adder reference?). Your Piper’s Journey is extremely awesome but it’s Outta My League.

  5. susan b anderson

    Hi Amy Beth,
    You are always funny in every episode but in this episode you are the funniest yet! You are a quick witted one for sure.

    I went and looked at your itunes reviews and it is clear that everyone just LOVES you, your knitting and your podcast. That is so great. I’m a fan and will keep watching. I just subscribed to your blog, too. Love your spinning, knitting, yarn, patterns…..
    susan b anderson

  6. thefatsquirrel Post author

    Thank you so much, Susan! I’m always glad to hear folks are enjoying the show, and maybe just a weeee bit more excited to hear that the famous knittery types are too!

  7. thefatsquirrel Post author

    Hahahahaha….I will be sure to capture the fairie pee if at all possible…..I wonder if that is on the list of “allowable” items for Etsy?

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