5 thoughts on “Episode 18: Just ‘Cause it Fits On You Doesn’t Mean it Fits You

  1. KnitPickyinPA - Ravelry

    My 1st time watching and really enjoyed it! Great info you shared! When sweater knitting it really is helpful to have the schematic for sure! Luved seeing your finished objects! Happy Knitting!

  2. thefatsquirrel Post author

    No fears! Your comments are safe, they just require approval before wordpress will post them! Thanks so much for watching!

  3. Sunnydayknits

    Enjoyed the show. Probably not a great idea to experiment with chicken to see if the husband is really telling the truth. I have blended bananas in smoothies, a fruit known to cause allergic reactions to my husband as a child-no adverse effects for him. Really, I didn’t know he’d drink the leftovers and it was too late when he asked what I had dumped in.
    The A/C-a healthy A/C is critical in central Texas. I wait until it drops below 100* to walk the dog in the evening. Anyway, I think I’ll try the garden hose on the coils.

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