Episode 19: Further Ramblings About Ease

Thank You

Thank you to everyone for all the lovely birthday wishes!!!! You all helped make it the most knit-tastic birthday ever!

Thank you’s to Melissa and Sara for their donation to the show!!!

Sweater Talk

Check out Amy Herzog’s blog for great information on fit as suggested by Laura!

Further discussions of ease as it applies to different parts of a garment. Thanks for reminding me to mention this Elizabeth!

Discussion of weighted swatching from knitty.com’s article Thinking Beyond the Pattern by Jenna Wilson.

I intended to mention the Craftsy.com classes Knit to Fit by Knit Lab and Curvy Knits by Marly Bird.


Home dyed Punta by The Sheep Shed Studio.


Goodale by Cecily Glowik MacDonald in Knit Picks CotLin, Harbor colorway, on US 3’s

Braided Ball by Marleen Hartog in KnitPicks Cotlin, Clementine, Celestial and Rocket colorways on US 1’s

Simple SKYP Socks by Adrienne Ku in Man Yarn from Yarn or a Tale on US 0’s

Beautiful Cobweb by Susan Ashcroft in Fresh Zing sock by Butterfly Bush Yarns (she’s currently having a 10% off sale in her etsy shop!)

Stuck Like Glue by Laura Linneman in homespun listed above on US 8’s

6 thoughts on “Episode 19: Further Ramblings About Ease

  1. Mim58

    Happy belated birthday!
    Thank you so much for your tips on fit and ease. I’m working on my first sweater and have been guilty of just planning to knit the largest size on patterns. I promise to measure and be thoughtful about ease in the future.
    Love you, mwah!

  2. thefatsquirrel Post author

    Thank you so much, Mary…..You’re not alone! I did the exact same thing for my first, ummm, well, four sweaters or so. Keep me posted on that first garment!

  3. Sarah in Houston

    I went and checked out Let’s Pretend before I watched your podcast and I, too, could not stop laughing – OUT LOUD. My hubby usually accuses me a laughing so loud because I want him to come in and ask me what about it. So not true- I just couldn’t help it. I did order it for my Kindle so I’m going to start reading today! I think her being in TX will add to the fun for me since I live in Houston and have been in TX all my life. Thanks for the recommendation – surely her podcast is funny, too!
    Love the show and you are so cute and funny!

  4. thefatsquirrel Post author

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying her book, Sarah!! Her blog is also wickedly fabulous and clear proof the people are awesome!

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