Sweater Updates!

So I’ve finally suckered someone into a brief photo session and have some pics of my recently finished sweaters….I’ve updated my Rav project page with the pics as well, but couldn’t resist showing them off here too!

Many thanks to my besties dh Doug !

23 thoughts on “Sweater Updates!

  1. sarajanemcgregor

    You look fabulous in all of the new FO’s! I especially like the picture of you laughing… makes me smile all over! Do I sense a theme of green here, too?

  2. GerryART

    Amy Beth, they all are great.
    My preference the Goodall? Cripes is that the right name?
    then the middle sweater,
    the long sleeve zipped, well it’s just too dang hot to even think of bundling up.

    You’re a Sweetie.


  3. melissa

    Awesome! all three are gorgeous.
    Gorgeous pics of you, you should model your stuff more often.
    look forward to your next podcast

  4. Suzanne aka Cian on Ravelry

    Oh, those sweaters are fabulous and you are gorgeous! I am so loving that sassy haircut. Thank you for sharing the photos.

  5. Jeri

    Very nice! Do I sense a green thing going on here? I have no idea what Sarah means when she says she likes the green one best…

  6. Enid Mary Shaw

    AmyBeth, I echo all the above comments about the projects and your hair.
    hope we get the videos back soon

  7. Lyn862

    Love, love, love, LOVE! Did I mention that green is my favorite color? You have such good taste.

  8. pauline

    lookin’ good!! so glad your burn faded. you looked a bit extra toasty in the burlesque episode.

  9. Nancy Hildebrant

    Wow, fabulous, Amy Beth! (and >plop< goes another pattern into the cue!)
    You really are one gorgeous lady.
    Nancy, knitting away in Holland, MI

  10. Sandi

    Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! You inspire me to want to try knitting a sweater, which I have not done as of yet.

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