Episode 22: In Which I Punch People in the Face (with love)

I have a work order into WordPress for the continuing embed issue.  In the meantime, the episode is available on ITunes and Blip.  I know these two options don’t work for everyone, so I appreciate your patience as I try to resolve the issue.

Short shownotes for the week!

I think the only thing I talked about that I haven’t linked in the last few episodes are:

Know Your Wool class with Deborah Robson on Craftsy.com

New Hampshire Grown Roving Sampler Pack from Friends in Fiber

5 thoughts on “Episode 22: In Which I Punch People in the Face (with love)

  1. folksmith

    Once again, a great show. I will have to go cold turkey for a couple of weeks. We are on our way to visit my daughter in Germany tomorrow. will try and catch your pod cast, or else savor them for when i get home. Thanks for a great show.

  2. Mimi

    Oh, my goodness! I ordered that sampler as soon as the show was over. Thank you so much. As a teacher I am thrilled to have such a great teaching tool. It beats writing the breeds on a white board and holding up a book with photos!.

  3. Tammy Bollinger

    Hey Amy! Just wanted to say, that sending your first child off to school is always a little scary. My oldest (now 26) hated school and never adjusted. I was always the parent trying to leave with a hysterical child wrapped around my leg, dragging her behind me. Such fun. She’s turned out GREAT! My second child (now 24) said to her kindergarten teacher a mere 3 seconds after we entered the classroom on the first day, “Can you ask my mom to leave please? I’m ready for the fun to start!” (Guess I did a better job talking up the fun of school with the second one than the first- newbie mistake! LOL). And my second child? She turned out GREAT too! My last two, I have home-schooled (ages 14 yrs and 16yrs), and so far they are turning out GREAT too. So- there you go! My experience has been that it helps my to remind myself that even though my children display many of my neurosis (and believe me, there are many to choose from!), their experience hasn’t been the same as mine. They come from a completely different upbringing than I did (someday they will thank me!), so I really can’t predict how they will actually interpret a certain event. So, hang in there!

    Also, for my oldest daughter, I cut a small piece of her woobie, hemmed the sides and had her tuck in her pocket the first few days. She still remembers taking it with her to school!

    Good luck!

  4. thefatsquirrel Post author

    Oh thank you so much for sharing, Tammy! I realize now that I likely sounded a little like an over-reacting lunatic, as apparently my internal editor hadn’t clocked in for the morning yet. I usually am able to gain a little bit of perspective from the mantra “children are resiliant….no one has kindergarten horror stories”. I’ve gotten so many great suggestions, and even better, reminders that all mothers go through this!

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