Episode 24: Goshbustified Gratitude

Thank You’s:

I can not say thank you enough to all of you!

Random Things I Mentioned:

SingleHandedKnits Podcast with Mel and her Sock the Vote KAL (you can vote for your favorite podcaster here).


Abigail Cardi by Cecily Glowick MacDonald in Quince and Co Sparrow on US 3’s


My Hope by Laura Linneman in Interlacements Irish Jig, Canyonlands Plus colorway on US 5’s

Basic vest from Anne Budd’s The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns in homespun alpaca


Lollipop Yarn in Girly Girl

Loop Bullseye Bump

String Theory Caper Sock

Under the Son Farm, Millspun shetland for the LO-KAL

Sheep Street Studios, Hand Dyed Shetland Roving

Frabjous Fibers, Kathmandu Original yarn from recycled silk

6 thoughts on “Episode 24: Goshbustified Gratitude

  1. Sue

    Hi Amy Beth! I couldn’t believe it when you showed The Kissing Hand!! My granddaughter has that book from last year, her kindergarten year and we love it. My daughters are grown now but I still remember the feeling I had when I took them to school for the first time!

    You are so right when you say there are kind folks out there. I smiled a big smile pretty much the whole podcast just because you were so happy!! I watched during my lunch hour and I am still smiling!!

    Hope your daughter spots the dog and the bus ride ends well!!

  2. thefatsquirrel Post author

    The Kissing Hand is great! Several people suggested it in the Ravelry group, and then when she came home from school, she had several crafts related to it as they read it for their first day! Hoooray for all the nice people in the world….Without even knowing it, they helped you have a smiley lunch face!

  3. MSkiKnits

    You are always a joy to watch and worth every niceness that you receive (plus some!). Glad first day of school drop off went well… The idea of you in a chicken suit at the bus stop made me laugh so hard my husband actually exclaimed “I thought you were having convulsions!” mahalo for the fun!

  4. Mary Beth

    So glad the first day went well for you both! I too was laughing hysterically when you mentioned the chicken suit!!! (wait til she’s about 14, then do it!!) You are such fun to watch and you always lift my spirits. Looking forward to many more episodes!!!

  5. folksmith

    OMG, i laughed so hard when you told us what your daughter asked you to wear. that is so sweet and since you were bringing to dog she seemed to feel a lot better knowing that she would then be able to recognize you. your daughter sounds so sweet. will you someday surprise her with the chicken suit? sounds like something i would like to have done to my daughters but i’m afraid i might have scared them for life. my husband has a rubber chicken that he likes to show our 18 yr old when she gets sassy…does not make her happy.

    i love your show.

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