Sock the Vote!









Oh wait, this is TOTALLY a competition folks…..I just assumed The Knit Girllls and The Stockinette Zombies would mercilessly tromp me with their giganto followings, but it looks like this dark horse might actually be in the running!

Vote now here for your favorite podcaster.  Which of course is me.  Unless it isn’t.  And then, well, I’ll still love you, but not as much.  MY LOVE IS CONDITIONAL PEOPLE!

If you have no idea on earth what I’m talking about, get with the program here or here.

13 thoughts on “Sock the Vote!

  1. alala

    I voted for you! And then I might possibly have voted for you again, because I couldn’t remember whether I’d actually voted on the first visit or not. Yay for short attention spans!

  2. Jacinta

    You just got my vote, thanks for the hilarious podcasts you have kept me entertained whilst I have been convalescing with a broken ankle 😉

  3. folksmith

    just got back from being out of the country so i was unable to follow what’s going on with the voting. i did vote before we left for Amy Beth. i was also unable to order the kit…oh well, there’s always next time.

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