This week’s show is only finished objects.  I have lots of thank you’s, but just wasn’t able to find the time to gather everything together.  I look forward to returning to a more typical show next week!


Tinder by Jared Flood in Beaverslide Dry Goods worsted in the Argillite colorway on US 6’s with Arborvitae buttons by  Pymatuning Crafts

Quaker Ridge Shawlette by Susan B Anderson in Kauni Effectgarn, colorway EFA on US 5’s

Tamarind Cowl by Kristen Hanley Cardozo in Handspun from Be Mice Elf

That’s the inside of the sweater, people.  The INSIDE!

5 thoughts on “Episode 33: SHHHHHHHSH MOMMY IS SEWING ON POCKETS!!!!!

  1. Knitstostaysane (Ellen)

    Hark at you with your fancy-shmancy seams!!! I’m über impressed! Mine look like a dogs dinner! Ha well.

  2. Kathom

    Great FOs. Arborvitae is a beautiful shrub/tree that grows in the south of the US. It has huge snowball like white flowers in the spring. It is pronounced Arbor (like the plant trellis) VY (long i) tee (like the drink). The accent is on the VY syllable.

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