Episode 34: Not a Clever Title in Sight

The title of this episode should have been “In Which I Reveal Myself to be a Terrible Human Being by Laughing at Children and/or Adults Falling Down”, but, well, I restrained myself.

Charity Info:

Calendar of Hope 2013

All proceeds of the sale of these calendars (except of PayPal fees) go to http://www.ArmyOfWomen.org whose goals are

  • To recruit one million healthy women of every age and ethnicity, including breast cancer survivors and women at high-risk for the disease.
  • To partner with breast cancer researchers and directly participate in the research that will eradicate breast cancer once and for all.
  • To challenge the scientific community to expand its current focus to include breast cancer prevention research conducted on healthy women.

Featured Pattern (Yes, I know that REALLY needs a more interesting title):

Lenina by Wooly Wormhead originally appeared in Brave New Knits but is now available for digital purchase.  See information about where those funds are going in her blog post.


Dunkerton Sweet socks by Jen Arnall-Culliford in my hand dyed fingering

Liquid Amber by Stacey Simpson Duke in Freia Handpaint’s Flux Lace, Byzantine colorway on US 2’s

Bartholomew’s Tantalizing Socks by Cat Bordhi from New Pathways for Sock Knitters in Yarn vs Zombies Damsel base for Mel’s Sock the Vote

9 thoughts on “Episode 34: Not a Clever Title in Sight

  1. Erin

    I usually laugh, but this episode was hysterical, and it wasn’t even really knitting related! And your wee one is lovable! Thank you so much for cheering me up!

  2. karifoland

    I would love to know more about how you made the transition from blogger to Pod-Cast. I currently have a blog on WordPress, but I feel that I could get more interest in my page if I went to video. Any suggestions? Thanks for podcast it makes me smile/ Laugh every week.

  3. thefatsquirrel Post author

    Well, really all you need to transition is a camera of some sort…..You’ll want to set up an account with blip.tv and have your videos embedded into your wordpress site as this well help tremendously with cost. I went about my situation a bit wonky, originally using WordPress for storage and feeding directly to ITunes from there. I don’t recomend that, but can’t really say how one sets up an ITunes feed at the same time as blip. I’m sure the friendly folks there have some suggestions though! Best of luck!

  4. Coffeeiv

    I am not even halfway through this episode, and you haven’t even spoken of yarn yet, but it is, as you say, “awesome sauce.” I am finally on vacation for a few days and have time to watch. Thanks for the Awkward Dad On Inflatables hilarity. Starts my vacay off with a bang!

  5. Coffeeiv

    Still watchin’. Got to the part where you said,”people in your neighborhood” and it triggered THIS memory from the 70’s when I was a babysitter:

    OMG. This happens so often now that I’m in my 50s. And anyone younger than 40 rolls their eyes. So do it now, Amy Beth and I’ll hear them rolling.

  6. thefatsquirrel Post author

    Ok, I’m so NOTrolling my eyes, because that’s exactly the song that was playing in my head….Hooray for you and YouTube for helping me remember!

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