5 thoughts on “Episode 43: Revision: Kaleidoclopse

  1. Suzanne

    I have not listened yet but I gotta love that you know your limits on how to spend your time this week. I’m sure show notes take time…
    Thanks for the podcast. I’m eager to see you in action.

  2. Coffeeiv

    You absolutely MUST read some Bill Bryson. He is my favorite travel writer. The best ones in my opinion are “A Walk In the Woods” about the Appalachian Trail and “In a Sunburned Country,” which is about Australia and I have to read it at least once a year. Better yet, get an Audible file and LISTEN to him reading it. I love his voice. I love the way he looks – combo undergraduate English prof and actual English person. He actually was born in the UK and grew up in Idaho of all places. Twelve buccarinos in the Kindle store. Ask for it for Christmas from someone who wants to get you something you will enjoy but is flailing around at the last minute, panicked, and is about to run into Rite Aid or CVS and buy you the last gift set of Jean Nate or that annoying but admittedly fetching set of animatronic antlers with lights that writhes and sings “Rudolph” slightly off-pitch.

    As much as I love yarn, I might even put off a yarn purchase in order to buy this book.

    I cannot get past 16:50 because this episode is just dense with hilarity and fascination.

    I will be totally unable to watch Rare Exports: I am also a weenie and cannot handle adult themes of scardediness.

  3. lpharaway

    PS: Failed felted fingerless gloves (F cubed?) could become an alien. That is totally what I thought they were when I was glanced up while knitting and my mind had drifted away from the topic…sorry…and the glove was really close to the camera. Stuff it and give it some eyes.

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