Episode 44: Hat Hulk Out

Finished Objects:

Partying it Up and Getting Down Socks by Megan Williams in Hiwassee Creek Dyeworks Charlie in the Box colorway on US 0’s

Norby by Gudron Johnston in handspun single ply Romney on US 2’s

Cider Press Set by Amy Chirstoffers in Gnome Acres SW Merino Franklin colorway on US 3’s and 5’s

Works in Progress:

Girl from Nantucket Hat by Laura Linneman in Mountain Colors River Twist on US 5’s

Intersections Break by Mel Ski in Handspun Cormo/Border Leicester cross, worstedish weight held double on US 7’s


Thank you ever so much to all of our generous prize contributors!!

A special thank you to Jen and Kyoko, the designers behind the Cloudy Apples ebook…..Nine great accessory patterns; I’ll be cating on Puffin Apple soon!

Special thank you’s to Megan and Amy of The Stockinette Zombies and Susan of Girl Cave Bags!





Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!

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