New Shop Opens Soon!

Hello All!  I’ve been working away at getting things set up for the shop and the virtual doors will open at 10am eastern time.  You can find the shop by clicking on that little brown paper square over there—->

Things I probably should have told you in the last podcast:

  • There’s a COUPON CODE for everyone!  Use the code WELCOME to receive 10% off your order.  Feel free to share the code and post away.
  • If you purchase 3 or more of any yarn (same base, same colorway) you will receive an additional 10% off those items.  I am not able to offer a handy-dandy coupon code for that one (it blew Big Cartel’s mind), so I will refund the difference to your PayPal account.  If I forget, please, please, PLEASE remind me.
  • There are lots of pre-orders available.  If you want to buy yarn, I want it available for you!  I have limited the quantities so that I can assure quality and a little bit of sanity for myself, but all the pre-orders for the month are listed so that you can purchase what you want without having to check back for weekly updates.  Lead times for March and April colorways will be longer than usual as I determine stock I should have on hand.  Thank you for your patience!  (Specific dates are listed in the product descriptions.)
  • By purchasing anything from me you unknowingly pinkie swear you will contact me if you are unhappy with your experience.  Really people, I’m kind of a crazy over-worrier and I’ll only be able to sleep at night if I know you aren’t out there stewing about your fat squirrel stuff.


8 thoughts on “New Shop Opens Soon!

  1. Sara McGregor

    Ooh! It was fun to shop in my jammies on Saturday morning! I can’t wait for the bag and that gorgeous red yarn! You’re the Bomb, Amy!

  2. Pamela

    You are the Bomb Amy!
    Thanks for getting all this together – so proud to support such a great person! And oh… what a knitter! ooh la la….

  3. thefatsquirrel Post author

    Oh Dawn! If you could send me a private message on Ravelry that includes your PayPal’s email address, I would be happy to issue a refund!

  4. Nancy Liedel

    I can;t find the URL of the DAMNED shop. I need it. I NEED IT NOW!!!! Okay, I can wait a day, or so. No more. Once that Royalty check comes, it’s gone. I have to spend my money to buy me some comfey slippers. I will reveal the reason after I have a meeting on Monday. So secretive. Not like me at all.

  5. Nancy Liedel

    WIPED CLEAN!! You have a daughter, put her to work. Snort. Like my nine year old a litany of excuses and something about child labor laws, I am sure. I’ll keep checking back. I can do that. Aren’t you thrilled?

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