Episode 77: Anime Happy Slippers

The embed code for this week’s episode is being highly uncooperative.  I will try to wrangle it, but in the likely even of my failure, the episode can be viewed directly through blip.

So sorry for the inconvenience!

Finished Objects:

Seamless Salomas by Susan Busbee & Megan Williams in Berroco Comfort Chunky on US 6’s

North Lyme by Woolly Wormhead in Miss Babbs Northumbria DK, Dream Weaver colorway, on US 1’s (brim) and 3’s

Handspun of unknown origins

Works in Progress:

Chocolate Stout by Baby Cocktails in Peace Fleece worsted, Brownie with Nuts colorway on US 4’s

Barry by Lee Meredith in handspun on US 4’s

Stripey hat in KnitPicks Stroll Tweed on US 0’s and 2’s in Thirst Heather and Farmhouse Heather colorways


1 thought on “Episode 77: Anime Happy Slippers

  1. Paula B

    I’m so glad you podcasted about these!!! I started on them this morning, and seeing them “move” around, I figured out ribbing should be 3 inches each side of the CO row. I hope that’s right, or I’m going to have big, BIG slippers!!! You are a joy to watch!!!

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