Episode 78: Falcor Take Me Away!

Finished Objects:

Barry by Lee Meredith in handspun on US 4’s

Works in Progress:

Taretella Dizzed Roving from Hobbledehoy Yarn & Fiber

Chocolate Stout by Baby Cocktails in Peace Fleece worsted, Brownie with Nuts colorway on US 4’s

Stripey hat in KnitPicks Stroll Tweed on US 0’s and 2’s in Thirst Heather and Farmhouse Heather colorways

Oh My Goodness, Really.  I Purchased More Fiber and Other Stuff?

Land Shark, SSK FTW, and Forest Path from Highland Handmades

Lovely lotion from Wolfe Farms in Pumpkin Spice and Butterscotch

Things I Mentioned Without Complete Information:

Banana Pudding is by Southern Culture on the Skids

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