Episode 80: Accidental Dalek

Finished Objects:

Rambouillet from Into the Whirled in the Squeak colorway

Snoflinga by Jenny Gordy in Beaverslide Dry Goods Worsted, Gilded Earth colorway, on US 6’s\

Chocolate Stout by Baby Cocktails in Peace Fleece worsted, Brownie with Nuts colorway on US 4’s (my project page with photographs) Sugar Maple buttons by Pymatuning Crafts on Etsy

Works In Progress:

CVM/Romeldale roving from Winterwind Farm

Slippery by Sarah Dupuis in Another Crafty Girl Simple DK, Gamut coloway, on us 5’s

Rikke Hat by Sarah Young in Leading Men Fiber Arts Dramaturg, Into the Woods colorway, on US 3’s and US 5’s

Miranda by Josee Paquin in Peace Fleece Worsted, Potterfield Plum colorway, on US 6’s

Things I Mentioned:

Yarn Raising

Bling Your String’s Project Pouch of the Month Club

2 thoughts on “Episode 80: Accidental Dalek

  1. Koreen

    Hi, in regards to the shoulders falling down your arms, you could try sewing in clear elastic along the ‘shoulder seam’ from the top of your shoulder to the collar. Sewers recommend this when sewing knitted fabrics to keep the shoulder seam from overstretching. K

  2. BjoLiz

    Just watched your first podcast and enjoyed it. I plan on downloading and watching them in order. I am a barely skilled knitter and hope to get better, but I AM a moderately skilled quilter and I loved that quilt hanging behind you. Did you make it? Just gorgeous! Thought you mentioning your grandmother was so cute. I am a grandmother too – not for your grandma’s age, but rather more your daughter’s grandma age ;-).
    I have knitted dishcloths, scarves and some easy hats. Oh, and 1 sock. I just ordered a 47 inch circular needle and bought magic loop and toe up socks with magic loop videos from knitfreedom. So, hopefully my skills improve. Watching you will inspire me. Keep up the good work.
    BjoLiz (bowliz)

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