Episode 81: Pom Pom Garden

Finished Objects:

Frankenfingers in Knitter’s Nightmare Tentacle Face, Mother Hydra colorway, on US 0’s

Afterthought Heel Socks by Laura Linneman in Lollipop Yarn’s Lazy Day colorway on US 00’s

Elefante by Susan B Anderson in handspun gifted to me by the lovely Sadie,  on US 3’s

Works in Progress:

CVM/Romeldale roving from Winterwind Farm

Slippery by Sarah Dupuis in Another Crafty Girl Simple DK, Gamut coloway, on us 5’s

Rikke Hat by Sarah Young in Leading Men Fiber Arts Dramaturg, Into the Woods colorway, on US 3’s and US 5’s

Miranda by Josee Paquin in Peace Fleece Worsted, Potterfield Plum colorway, on US 6’s

Child’s Bottom Up Raglan from the Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns by Ann Bud in Berroco Vintage on US4’s

Random things I mentioned:

Clover brand Pom Pom Makers: I failed to mention that these come in packages of two.  I showed the “large” and “small” sets.  I purchased mine from Michael’s craft store, but they are available on Amazon  and Knit Picks for a comparable price at this time ($7-$8).

2 thoughts on “Episode 81: Pom Pom Garden

  1. stacy borman - alpacamommastacy, rav and insta

    my husband is from cinti. do you do graeters ice cream and skyline chili???? sooo jealous – the closest i get these days is gold star chili at the cinti airport when i have a connection. what take you there?

  2. thefatsquirrel Post author

    Hahaha….We have a few Skyline locations in Indi, so when we’re in Cincinnati we try to hit UDF and Frisch’s! I like Graeter’s, but I’m not a fan of large chocolate chunks in ice cream, so it’s not one of my favorites.

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