This Week’s Episode, or Lack Thereof

Hello all of you lovely humans!  I had every intention of recording this week, but, we are in full spring break swing and I find that I just don’t have the mental capacity to get an episode together.  I should be back next week, and hope you all have a lovely time in betwixt! 


Much love,


Ooooh, and also remember that next week’s episode will mark the end of our Gratitude KAL.  I will close the thread the morning of April 1st and plan to announce many awesome prizes the next time I record.

5 thoughts on “This Week’s Episode, or Lack Thereof

  1. Denise Clare

    I have a question for you…3 of us are going to take a trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana to see SSYC and a friend (who I got hooked on your podcast) of mine says…doesn’t the Fat Squirrel live in Indiana? How close are you to Fort Wayne? Any chance of meeting up? My friend (who got me hooked on your podcast) just told me she met you at Rhinebeck. You aren’t going to MDSW by any chance are you?

  2. Pat Oliver

    have a great spring break, will miss your face, but are happy you are playing w/family

  3. Debbie B

    Enjoy the time with your daughter; I hope the weather gods smile on you :). It was thoughtful of you to explain your absence. I look forward to hearing about your shenanigans!

  4. Ellen

    I feel your pain! Sometimes life won’t stand still long enough for you to catch your breath! See you next time!

  5. knitstostaysane

    I feel your pain! Sometimes life refuses to stand still long enough for you to catch your breath. See you next time.

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