Where is the dang episode?!

Where is the episode you ask. Well, much like my fellow ginger, I’m buried in tissues…..Curse you allergies! And before you feel an ounce of pity, I’m quite fine. I just love you enough to spare you the sight, and sounds, of my prodigious snot manufacturing skills.

I hope to record soon, and I’ll leave the Gratitude KAL prize thread open until I do.

Much love,

4 thoughts on “Where is the dang episode?!

  1. Kris M

    Miss your face but hope you feel better soon. My youngest has been home for a couple of days with the ‘crud’. He couldn’t talk much so it wasn’t too bad. Once he started feeling better, the horns came out and we knew it was time to send him back to school….for the welfare of the rest of us! Sending feel better wishes your way!

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