Episode 156: Knitting Anxiety Dreams, Wool Gatherings, Mr East Channeling

In Progress Spinning:

CVM~Romeldale from Winterwind Farm

I may have created confusion in using CVM and Romeldale interchangeably.  CVM are essentially Romeldales with color variations, so not everyone considers them the same breed.  You can read more about it at The Livestock Conservancy if you are interested!

Finished Knitting:

Color Craving by Stephen West in MadelineTosh Twist Light, Twig, Fir Wreath and Tomato colorways

Top Down Socks with Into The Whirled Bukavu sock yarn, Blink colorway

In Progress Knitting:

AfterThought Heel Sock by Laura Linneman in Gale’s Art sock blank in the Big O colorway

Perfect Fit Top-Down Dog Sweater by Travelling Tree Designs in gifted handspun

Pineland by Elizabeth Smith in Peace Fleece Worsted, Wild Mustard

The Awesomeness that is Mr East How To Wear Your Shawl:

The Wool Gathering Wool Piggery:

Happy Fuzzy Yarn 

Phoenix Fiber Company

Wool Combs from Benjamin Green Studio

2 thoughts on “Episode 156: Knitting Anxiety Dreams, Wool Gatherings, Mr East Channeling

  1. Joanne S.

    Love that you came home with some Happy Fuzzy Yarn! I work for Riin on Sundays and do my best not to drool all over the gorgeous fiber and yarn. I just spun up a bunch of her fiber during Spinzilla. Looking forward to knitting up a shawl with some squishy, soft 2 ply polwarth in Sea Monster colorway.

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