Episode 157: Interpretive Dance in My Pineland Pants

In Progress Spinning:

CVM~Romeldale from Winterwind Farm

Finished Knitting:

Pineland by Elizabeth Smith in Peace Fleece Worsted, Wild Mustard

AfterThought Heel Sock by Laura Linneman in Fiberynymph Dyeworks Sport Sock, Abalone colorway

In Progress Knitting:

AfterThought Heel Sock by Laura Linneman in Simply Sock Yarn Company’s Poste Self-Striping, Ghost Town colorway

AfterThought Heel Sock by Laura Linneman in Gale’s Art sock blank in the Big O colorway

Perfect Fit Top-Down Dog Sweater by Travelling Tree Designs in gifted handspun

6 thoughts on “Episode 157: Interpretive Dance in My Pineland Pants

  1. Michelle

    Greig farm in red hook is right up the road. Right out of the parking lot for the fairgrounds going north on 9.
    I think there’s some other orchards too but that’s where we used to go.

  2. Jan Jaqua ( on card it is Mary J Jaqua)

    I want to order two sweater bags…did I understand that for my time zone I should Oder right at 6:00 PST

  3. Joanne S.

    Amy Beth, when I first saw that you were knitting Pineland, I really didn’t find it appealing. Now that I see it done and on you, it’s beautiful and looks fantastic on you! I really love the cap sleeves! Those are excellent! I too, have made a vest with the ribbing around the arm hole opening, only to have it stand straight out/up.

    I’m hoping you’ll be at SSK next year, as I’ll be there and would love to meet you.

  4. thefatsquirrel Post author

    Thank you so much Joanne! It’s an unusual sweater for me, so I appreciate the extra vote of confidence. I will be at SSK 2016 and look forward to meeting you!

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