Bonus Episode: I Like to Ride My Bicycle (No Knitting (or singing))

Hello all!  This episode will have no fiber content. Instead I’ll talk a bit about my recently acquired bicycle and adjacent me stuff.

8 thoughts on “Bonus Episode: I Like to Ride My Bicycle (No Knitting (or singing))

  1. kathy b

    Amy Beth,

    This was an awesome editorial. My husband is a big time cycler. He says experiment with tire pressures. IF you hit a bump and you feel like your tire is squeezing in the rim, you;ll get a flat and mess up your rims.
    I was happy you didn’t turn it into a weight loss dieting video. You are awesome as you are.
    I like the orange color MUCHO!
    I’m a little afraid on our bikes that I’ll will crash, hurt my arm and not be able to knit. Then I’d be really up a mental creek without a paddle.
    So I’m very careful on my bike.
    Enjoy the rides. I like the flat cycling myself. I dont Hill challenges to feel FULLY ALIVE as my husbands cycling coach says.
    I always felt, when my children were bike riding with me, that I was herding them like baby elephants, away from traffic etc. On trails is a better idea.

  2. Rowena Philbeck

    Loved your video. I am considering getting a bike soon and that really helped me on several levels. Thanks so much and Happy Biking!!

  3. Lisa Delora

    I enjoyed so much your excitement with biking! I love to bike ride, it makes me happy and I feel so free! You and your podcasts are awesome, thanks so much for sharing yourself!

  4. Stephanie Abbate

    You’re too hard on yourself – the video was awesome and helpful and made me slightly envious (and maybe was related to my perusing Amazon for bikes. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

  5. geeksdoitbetter

    so wonderful and empowering to hear your thoughts. thanks so much for trusting us enough

  6. Lynne kelly

    OMG, I know just what you mean. Husband and I are empty nesters and just bought us some Pedego bikes. Now I am 53 years old and a bit
    Over 250lbs but I have never had so much fun while getting exercise in my life. I feel like a kid. We have been going on longer rides, between 30 and 40 miles and I find that there is a point where the endorphins release and all my aches and pains go away. So very much fun. Loved your video and loved seeing “the fat squirrel” having fun on the bikes too!!!! Happy riding and knitting too😍

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